The 1st Edition Hydrosleeve™ has arrived and will be shipping out September 15th.
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Hydrosleeve™ is a hands-free armband hydration system. Provides hydration on your run and helps in achieving greater physical exertion and peak performance. Integrates seamlessly with the body allowing hydration mid-run, without disrupting your stride.

Ergonomically fits to the upper arm. An innovative and convenient way to store and access fluids. No need to carry bulky water bottles. The Hydrosleeve™ is made of high quality synthetics with an adjustable strap, a therma-cool insulator that keeps your water cool, and a reusable bladder that minimizes water sloshing.




Hydrosleeve™ Journey

Final stages!

August 20, 2014

So we are getting real close to be able to ship this product. Right now we are in the process of finishing our packaging.  We have gone thru about 10 prototype boxes, making all the adjustments to make a some really cool packaging.  This week I hope we can do a press check. Basically that means I can approve final colors, before we go into production.  So I will keep everyone posted.  .   Continue Reading →

Finally Here!

August 16, 2014

So today is the day. After a long time of waiting and switching manufacturers, the Hydrosleeves are here. I was so excited to get them that I actually went to the trucking company this morning and picked them up. They were going to deliver on Monday but I was so pumped, I couldn’t wait. I ordered 1500 1st edition hydrosleeves. My first run is only blue and comes in three different sizes. Because my order was so small, I could not really add anymore colors. In the future I am hoping to add colors like green, pink and gray. For those who don’t know about manufacturing overseas and the shipping process, let me give you a quick rundown.  To start... Continue Reading →


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