"This is the all-out best way to stay hydrated during shorter training distance runs. I've used "fluid belts" and back pack style hydration packs. The belt style never was comfortable for me and the extra weight on my waist affected my stride. I still use a small backpack for my long hot runs which is rare. Most of us have time limits with our runs. This is the bulk of my workouts. This is the best product for the bulk of my workouts! "   -Karl M-

1st Edition Hydrosleeve™


Hydrate anywhere on the go. No more water bottles and fuss of carrying something in your hand.
Hydrosleeve™ is the first hands free hydration system for your upper-arm.
Buy Now: The 1st edition Hydrosleeve™ is now available worldwide!

Our story

Our story

September 14, 2014


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