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Hands-free Hydration


The Hydrosleeve® comfortably fits a runner with just the right amount of water—close to the core and pivot point, which reduces force on the body. It’s hardly noticeable and hands-free, requiring only natural movement, without obstructing stride. The valve is angled for easy reach. And sipping compresses the bladder and minimizes the sloshing.

The Hydrosleeve® patented system provides a hands-free fluid delivery system that will help you stay hydrated during your run.  

Our Hands Free Armband Hydration System™ integrates seamlessly with the body allowing you to hydrate mid-run without disrupting your natural running rhythm. By conforming ergonomically to the upper arm, the Hydrosleeve® provides an innovative and convenient way to store and access fluids, without the need to carry bulky water bottles.

The angled water valve is designed so that drinking is as easy as lifting your arm to your mouth. The first hydration system of its kind, this simple product fits 7.5 oz. of water securely on the upper arm to allow runners a hands-free way to stay hydrated without breaking stride, slowing down, or stopping. This is the Best Running Hydration Pack on the market.