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The Runners' Diet


What is the perfect nutrition for a runner – The Runners’ Diet

To maintain health, everybody requires a nutritious diet that has the right amount of essential elements to take care of every part of the body and its functions. Individuals who lead an active life especially sportsmen and runners, must take extra care of their diet because it effects performance greatly.

A well balanced diet helps to maintain steady performance and protects runners from injuries to ligaments, muscles, bones and tendons or other illness. To succeed, a runner has to face the toughest of competitions and to win big, he must take the greatest care about his diet.

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What should a runner’s diet consist of?

Carbohydrate - A runner’s diet should be a combination of the essential nutrients like carbohydrates that provide maximum energy that the body requires. The amount varies according to the type of performance or the activity level. For moderate running, average amount of carbohydrates are required. But for long distance running or to take part in a marathon, a diet high in carbohydrates is needed for increased endurance and energy.

Protein – Nutrition for a runner must also include protein to build, maintain and repair muscles. Proteins resist muscle fatigue during long distance race and help to keep the muscles strong and steady even after running. Protein is required also to maintain stamina and speed.

Fatty Acids – Fatty acids work on the joints to keep them lubricated and offer protection against inflammation. They also prevent joints from pain and stiffness and especially from wearing away.

Anti-oxidants – Antioxidants are extremely important elements and should be included in high amounts in a runner’s diet. Under strenuous activities the free radicals produced by the body damage the cells and body. These antioxidants remain effective during training and performance to fight against all damage to the body. Caratenoids, Selenium and Vitamin C and E must be included in a runner’s diet.

Multi-Vitamin and Minerals – The perfect nutrition for runners is a healthy diet that contains multi-vitamins with minerals also to keep the body maintained properly apart from carbohydrates, proteins etc. For optimum health and the best performance vitamins reinsure that the body is getting all the required nutrients in the adequate amount and help to maintain endurance and stamina

According to nutritionists, runners’ diet should also consist of a nutritional supplement like Glutamine to protect the immune system and fortify the muscles as it contains amino acids to hasten recovery after running. Drinking fluids is highly recommended to resist dehydration as a runner loses more water during performance than normal individuals. Choosing the Best Hydration Pack for a Runner is very important.

A perfectly balanced nutritional diet can always improve performance and protect from damages.