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"Why We Run"


We runners are a different breed—the happily insane. We run in rain or shine. By daylight or by moonlight. In the scorching heat or the bitter cold. We get up before the sun only to push through the pain, then do it all over again. What’s the point you might ask? We do it because we have no choice. That’s our dirty little secret. We have tasted the sweet fruit that lies beyond the agony, and we are forever addicted. We crave being in the moment, where you feel like more like yourself than at any other time, because you’ve broken free of the banal worries of the world. Some compete against others. Others against themselves. But in the end, your only real competitor is the moment itself. That fleeting point in time when the rush overtakes every inch of your being and then surrenders it once again when you’ve proven worthy. You chase it relentlessly with each powerful step. You push. You will your body to allow you to linger there just a while longer. To spend just a few extra precious moments in that elusive realm between here and now. We believe you deserve to spend more time lost in the moment. And our hydration technology allows you to do just that. Our hands-free system ensures you stay properly hydrated throughout your run, so you can bask, drenched and powerful, in that fulfilling inner glow—nature’s reward for a job well done. Dehydration shouldn’t hold you back.  Now it no longer has to. So, let’s go pound the pavement in pursuit of our addictive bliss. And while we’re there, leave it all behind.