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A long journey ends and begins.

August 13, 2014

So a long long time ago, I had idea!  Lets put a bladder on the arm and make it easier for runners to carry water.  That was three years ago. So I started the process of becoming an inventor/designer/patent expert/manufacturer.....etc and  many other crazy things. So the journey began and it turned out to be a long one.  Needless to say the adventure had a lot of ups and downs. Ok, let me rephrase that,  a lot of downs and very few ups. I have so many stories and things that happened along the way that slowed me down or just didn't happen as quickly as I would  of like to. But in the end those are were only speed-bumps to keep me from reaching my goal. I will gladly tell some stories if any of you would like to hear about the in the future. Well long story short, I made it to the end goal and my first shipment is  here on Friday. I have has a lot of help along way from family and friends.  The support has been amazing.  My biggest support and number one fan  has been my wife, Melinda. She is a fantastic human being and has always been there. During that last three years. She has worked full time, had two kids and supported our family during this journey.  Simply Amazing!. So we are here and ready to start the second part and to sell some Hydrosleeves.

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Pat Farrell
Pat Farrell

May 25, 2016

Hi Justin,

I wanted to leave you a thank-you message. You may recall that I ordered the HydroSleeve last week and was concerned that I wouldn’t get it in time for my race this past Saturday. The race was the St. Michael’s Half Marathon on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and it was my first half. I was in a bit of a panic about hydration and had purchased a water bottle belt about 2 weeks prior but absolutely hated how it felt during my training runs. Luckily, I stumbled upon your product less than 3 days before the race. It had glowing reviews and seemed like the perfect solution for me. I ordered it immediately but then was worried that it would get delivered in time. I sent you a message online and you called me within minutes. You went out of your way to work with me to find a very creative way to get one of your products sent from an Amazon Prime location near me. You even used your wife’s Amazon Prime account saving me $25 for expedited shipping. Needless to say, it arrived Friday afternoon and I used it for the first time during the race Saturday morning. It was easy to use and everything you claimed it to be on the website. It was so comfortable that I didn’t even realize it was there until I wanted to use it. It was perfect. I ran with my sister and she was quite jealous so now I will be purchasing one for her. Thanks again for an amazing product and the personal touch you added to make sure it arrived in time.

Thanks again!

Pat Farrell

PS – You really need to figure out how to get the word out better – everyone should have one!!!

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