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Hydrosleeve Australia

June 15, 2015

Hydrosleeve  Australia

Since I began running the concept of staying hydrated while moving, particularly on longer runs, has been challenging.  The backpack-style water carriers seemed cumbersome and hot to wear and the waist belts either bounce or are too tight.  Drinking from a cup while moving can be clumsy and sometimes results in more or less water than required and can be difficult to ingest while on the move.  I decided to search the web for a "water arm band" as I run with a smart phone on one arm to track my kilometers, listen to music and stay contactable, and find this very comfortable.  My search resulted in finding the Hydrosleeve, which I ordered approximately 2 weeks out from one of Perth's biggest running events and it arrived just in time!

 I trialed the Hydrosleeve on my 12km run and, while there were four drink stations along the route I managed to avoid the latter two, and most congested, by using the Hydrosleeve (in hindsight I could have missed another but I didn't know at the outset that I would have water in the reservoir at the end of my run!).  The Hydrosleeve was lightweight, very comfortable, and did not leak, slosh or slide around on my arm.  In fact, I felt balanced with a band on each arm.  The valve is well designed as I only took on board as much water as I could manage, as often as I required it.

 I finished the run hydrated, comfortable and with a PB time!

 To others who have experienced similar difficulties with hydration on-the-move I recommend the Hydrosleeve.


 Perth, Western Australia

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