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6 Tips for Inspiration on Rainy Days

January 24, 2017

6 Tips for Inspiration on Rainy Days


As I watch the rain pelt the window harder and harder, I am contemplating not going for my run.  I’m not entirely sure why I don’t want to run; after all, a race with a forecast of rain is my absolute favorite!  So, how do I get myself out the door when the weather is bad and snuggling under a blanket with my dog and a cup of tea sounds infinitely better?  Listed here are a few of my favorite tips.

Listen to A Favorite Song
Never underestimate the power of a good pump up routine.  Recently, I came across an article that provided the science behind the curious ability of music to spur people to action.  As it turns out, music releases dopamine, which is a necessary chemical for motivation.  What are my go-to songs to get out the door?  Rites of Passage by Third Eye Blind or Dancing for Rain by Rise Against.

As silly as it sounds, one reason I don’t like to run in the rain is that I detest being cold during training runs.  Therefore, if I completely overdress for the first mile of my run and ditch a layer (or three) after the first mile, it’s easier to go outside. 

Think About Those Who Can’t
When I really need to give myself a reality check, I think about the people who would love to be in my position but are unable, either due to illness or injury.  We have all been there when injured, bargaining with ourselves that we will never take running for granted again.  Not even rain, sleet, snow, or sub-arctic temperatures will keep us inside, we tell ourselves.  I like to use that as motivation when I am really struggling.

Go With a Friend
If I know the weather is going to be bad a day or two in advance, I try to enlist a friend to meet me somewhere for a run.  Having the excitement of meeting a friend overrides the disappointment in the weather.  If I can’t find anyone, I take my dog instead.

What Would My Hero Do?
When I am spiraling into the abyss of wanting to take an unplanned rest day because of the weather, I ask myself:  what would someone I look up to do in this situation?  We look up to certain people for a reason; often because they show desirable traits that we wish we had ourselves.  Considering whether Meb would whine about the rain and stay inside is usually enough to get me out the door immediately.

Just 10 Minutes
A helpful tip I read in a magazine once was that on days you don’t feel like running, just get out the door and run for 10 minutes.  If after that short period of time you still want to call it a day, you should probably listen to your body.  However, the majority of the time you will find a second wind and complete your intended workout.

Do you have any favorite ways for willing yourself to run when the weather is bad?

by Anna Weber


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