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Gift Guide for High School Runners

September 26, 2018

Gift Guide for High School Runners


Think buying gifts for a teen is difficult?  Try having a high school runner on your holiday list.  The following gift ideas are laid out specifically with high schoolers in mind.

Running Watch
Most high school athletes have a cheap sport watch with only enough features to start, stop, and clear the run.  If the high school runner on your list is serious about the sport, consider purchasing him or her a run-specific watch with more functionality.

Running Shoes
High schoolers aren’t exactly known for their deep pockets.  Chances are the young runner on your list has been running in the same shoes well past the point of diminishing returns.  If you don’t know which make and model to buy, consider purchasing a gift card instead for the athlete’s favorite brand.

Most high schoolers are not fully aware of their hydration needs.  The Hydrosleeve is perfect as a “forget-it-and-go” accessory that any runner will be happy to remember mid-run.

Runner’s World Subscription
Help the high school runner in your life be a student of the sport by purchasing a subscription to Runner’s World.  Here, the athlete will be exposed to the newest running trends, hydration and fueling advice, and tips from America’s top runners.

FloPRO subscription
Another way to help a high schooler learn more about the sport, particularly at the collegiate and professional level, is to gift a subscription to FloPRO.  This service is part of FloTrack, an online hub for all things racing.  FloPRO provides access to live streams of many of the nation’s top races and elite interviews, which would make the runner on your list the envy of all competitive high school athletes.

Compression Socks
Many of the accessories that adult runners take for granted, high schoolers don’t have access to.  Compression socks and sleeves are important recovery tools.  Help your favorite blossoming runner recover better after races and workouts with his or her own compression gear.

Running Store Gift Card
Quality running clothes, while worth the investment, aren’t exactly cheap.  Think about how long it took for you to accumulate a complete running wardrobe; now, consider the budget of a teenager.  A running store gift card can help the young athlete in your life afford running necessities.  

Water Bottle
Teenagers barely have time to balance social life, school, a part time job, and extracurricular activities, let alone take care of themselves.  A water bottle (like the hydroflask) is the perfect accessory for the teenage runner who likely forgets to hydrate.

The Stick
No high school duffel bag is complete without The Stick.  Portable and effective, this tool is perfect for storing in a locker to work out tight calves before practice, or to flush out aching muscles after a race. 

Without Limits
Perhaps the quintessential gift for any high schooler interested in running is Without Limits, the story of late running legend Steve Prefontaine.  This movie will provide inspiration to anyone pushing his or her own limits and seeking to find him or herself through running. 

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