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Setting Holiday Fitness Traditions

December 02, 2016

Setting Holiday Fitness Traditions


When the days get shorter, the air grows colder, and motivation to get out the door diminishes, it is time to get creative with your workout routine.  Starting holiday traditions will help keep you moving during the winter.

Turkey Trots
In every nearly city across the country, Turkey Trots will be held the morning of Thanksgiving.  Make this fitness routine part of your family tradition and get out and move before the feasting begins.  If you’re lucky, you might even win Thanksgiving dessert!

Holiday Light Runs
What better way to ooh and ahh over your neighbor’s holiday decorations than on foot?  Instead of driving through your neighborhood to designate the winner of the Clark Griswold award, plan a run with family or friends.  Afterwards, sip hot cocoa while recounting your favorite houses.

Mush Runs
There is nothing quite like a dog’s excitement over freshly fallen snow.  After the first big snow of the season, take your pup for a run.  Reap the benefits of canine-assisted turnover and call it a workout.  Don’t have a dog?  Consider volunteering at your local animal shelter and taking a dog or two for a snowy adventure.

Ugly Sweater Run
Another tradition you can take up with friends or family is an ugly sweater run, where everyone shows up wearing their favorite ugly holiday sweater.  After the run, head to your favorite local restaurant or bar to soak up the merriment of the season.

Advent Calendar Core Routine
The concept of an Advent Calendar is simple:  each day, you get a treat to mark one day closer to Christmas.  Instead, do a core routine (and then eat the chocolate).  Ideas on how to complete the calendar can be found here.

Challenge your Friends to a Donation Race
Food banks are especially worthy of donations during the holiday season.  Challenge your friends to see who can collect the most canned goods by promising a show down between the competitors.  Each person will wear a backpack, and canned goods will be donated by friends and family into each person’s pack.  Then, runners must race while wearing the heavy backpacks.  Typical race distance is one mile on the track.  The winner of the race receives bragging rights – and the satisfaction of helping donate food to the less fortunate.

Christmas Morning Run
Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, nothing is as peaceful as a run on Christmas morning.  Even if you only do a few miles before opening up presents from Santa, this small action can create a cherished family tradition.

New Year’s Day Run
Start your New Year’s resolutions on the right foot with a run or race on January 1st.  Set the tone for the upcoming year by hitting the streets, no matter how awful you feel from the night before.

Brand New Running Log
Purchase a new running log before the New Year arrives.  This small gesture will help you feel ready to tackle your fitness goals, and give you motivation to start logging those miles!

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