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10 Running Gift Ideas for Men

November 21, 2016

10 Running Gift Ideas for Men


Tis the season to begin the annual tradition of purchasing presents for everyone on your list.  Need gift ideas for the favorite male runner in your life?  Listed here are top 2016 gift ideas.

Hydrosleeve (Buy right here on our website)
Why gift someone a cumbersome hydration pack?  The Hydrosleeve keeps your favorite runner’s hands free while providing ample opportunity for hydration.  Win-Win. 

Medal Minder
How do you know someone is a marathoner?  He will tell you.  Save the runner in your life the hassle of having to work his racing into conversation by purchasing a customizable medal hanger, such as the medal minder


Does the runner in your life wear the same worn out flip-flops after every race?  If you are worried about the health of his feet and calves, consider Oofos flip flops, which are designed with optimal post-run recovery in mind. 

Race Bib Coasters
What better way to commemorate a personal best performance or bucket list race than to create coasters out of a race bib.  Not only will your favorite runner appreciate this unique gift, but he will finally have a use for the old race bibs that are accumulating in the laundry room. 

Race Entry
Is the runner in your life always looking for his next big challenge?  Purchase a race entry into a bucket list race, or one that simply sounds like a fun experience.  A list of the best races in each state can be found here.  If you’re feeling extra generous, include gift certificates for pre- and post-race meals, too. 

Jaybird Earbuds
Working out while listening to music can be a hassle, especially if you struggle to keep the headphones in your ears.  Jaybird has created earbuds that stay in place throughout your workout, without excess wire getting in the way.  With endorsements by athletes such as triathlete Jesse Thomas and Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh-Jennings, you know they must be good. 

Hit Reset
Runners, specifically men, are known for inflexible muscles such as hamstrings, calves, and lower backs.  Help your favorite runner help himself by gifting this book, which is a comprehensive guide to yoga for athletes.  A revolutionary view on athlete balance, Hit Reset provides tips for targeting specific areas of the body that need adjustment to impart greater power, flexibility, and strength for runners.

One of the most common reasons a runner becomes injured is lack of strength in the muscle groups that are used for balance.  A BOSU ball is a great addition to any home gym, as it can be incorporated into every strength routine for improved strength, balance, flexibility, and reflexes.   

Park Pass
Does your favorite runner enjoy hitting the trails?  Consider purchasing an annual pass so that he can avoid gate fees (or stop feeling guilty about sneaking through the fence). 

Men’s Health Subscription
Why not give the gift that keeps on giving year-round?  With a subscription to Men’s Health, the male runner on your list can stay up-to-date on the latest health trends until next Christmas.

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