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Essential Gear for Running

November 18, 2016

Essential Gear for Running


Running is considered an inexpensive sport; after all, you truly only need a pair of running shoes and the motivation to take your first steps.  However, there are a few items that make the life of any runner easier and are well worth the investment. 

Proper Running Shoes
When you first start running, it can be tempting to choose the most inexpensive pair of running shoes.  While these may work great at first, the chances of developing an injury if you are not properly fitted for running shoes increases as your running intensifies.  Ask the staff at a local running store to analyze your stride and make recommendations for the perfect fit.

Non-Chafe Shorts
If you walk into a running store, you may be overwhelmed with the many options of short styles available.  From minimal coverage to knee-length, there is a style available that fits your needs.  Find the design that works best for you and purchase as many pairs as you can afford, as shorts will become your go-to item on warm days.

Hydration Pack
Your level of hydration can make or break your run and recovery.  If you are running in an area that does not have water fountains, a the best hydration pack for a runner is necessary. Try the Hydrosleeve

Road ID
Have you ever wondered what would happen if something unfortunate happened while you are on the road or trail?  Every minute counts in a situation like this, particularly if you have a preexisting medical condition or allergy.  Wearing a RoadID is a simple way to help emergency workers quickly access all the information they need.

Sweat-Wicking Socks
If you are a runner you have likely heard the saying “cotton is rotten.”  This adage could not be more fitting than when it comes to socks.  Prevent blisters by purchasing socks made of technical fabrics or wool.  Your feet will thank you.

Rain Jacket
Unless you’re a fan of the dreadmill, chances are you will be running in rainy conditions from time to time.  A runner-specific rain jacket will keep you warm and dry, enabling you to go the extra mile in tough conditions.

Nothing makes a run miserable quite like cold hands.  In the fall and spring months, a pair of light garden gloves will suffice.  However, in the cold winter months look for a pair of water proof mittens to keep you from cutting your run short due to fear of frostbite. 

Foam Roller
Post-run recovery is important, but few people have time to properly stretch and recover every day.  A foam roller is a tool that helps break up muscle adhesion and lengthen tight muscles, and has benefits when used only 3 – 5 minutes per day. 

Running Log
Finally, use a running log to keep track of your daily runs and workouts.  Not only will you be able to track progress towards your goals, but logging will serve as additional motivation on days you are not excited to get out the door.

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